Hi everyone and welcome to DadsHour!. Thanks for coming over, hopefully your stay and read.

I suppose I should start with a little introduction about myself, yes OK well here it goes.

My Name is Luke – 27 years old (is it bad that sometimes I have to take 2016 away from 1989 on the calculator to work out my age!? surely I can’t be the only one that does this right?), I live in Shropshire with my Wife of 3 years, our Beautiful Little boy Reuben born 27.08.14. New baby currently brewing and due in November (shit only 6 weeks to go before the no sleep rule comes in!) and our two cats Belle and Bea.

I suppose I wanted to start this blog maybe for writing everything down, the highs the lows, the proud moments and the moments where you just want to slap yourself in the face thinking oh my god did that really just happen, Talking of oh my god moments. Just imagine its 8am in the morning your little one wakes up shouting Momma from the other room, I wake up struggling to keep my eyes open! only one thought running through my head it can’t be morning already, just 5, OK 30 more minutes! The wife goes in to say good morning to the little one and start the day, like I said its just like the normal routine! WRONG, after keeping my eyes open for longer than 10 seconds, all I can hear is the wife muttering ‘Oh My God’ and the little one shouting ‘MOMMA POO’, This is to me still sounds like the normal routine with a little boy right?, Go in say good morning and be greeted to a huge full nappy of poo, welcome to the life of parents!.

But no this was anything but the normal routine!

‘Lukeeeee’ the wife shouts, I struggle out of bed and walk into the little ones room, the first thing that hits you, is the toxic smell of yes you’ve guessed it POO! I look down to my little one, why is he half naked on the bottom half, where the hell is the nappy, I look over to the wife with her face reading OK this is operation lets not get shit all over the place.

On the bed is the biggest log I have ever seen a 2 year able to produce the nappy at the top end of the cot, My little one walking around the room spreading POO all over the carpet.


So after thinking its just a normal waking up morning routine, I was chucked into running a bath, a bowl of hot water and soap, on my hands and knees scrubbing POO here there and everywhere!

So there’s one of the OH MY GOD! moments and a little introduction!

I hope your come on my journey of a Family of 3, soon to become a Family of 4!

๐Ÿ™‚ Luke..