Let me give you a little back story of the day before 15.09.16!

Its Wednesday 14th September 2016, Myself, Johanna (wife) and Reuben all wake up to a lovely sunny day, the voice in the back of my mind telling me this is going to be a normal chilled day with the family.

The plan for the day

  • Take Johanna to the doctors to receive the Whooping Cough Vaccination
  • Take Reuben to the hairdressers for a LIGHT Trim
  • Finish Painting hall/stairs and landing whilst Reuben naps

Sorted a nice easy chilled day, So off we go, we drop Mummy off at the doctors and head into town to the hairdressers, After explaining to Reuben we are off to get his hair cut and if he is a good boy can get a lolly about 20 times, we walk into the hairdressers.

The hair cut starts off amazing Reuben sits there all still letting the woman work over the back and sides, myself casually inspecting her work from the side line, (looking good)! WRONG, all of a sudden World War 3 breaks out and off little Reuben goes giving it the high pitched scream and the sad little face, that you just have to give in to.

After finally calming him down a little we agreed that he can sit on Daddy’s Lap to have the rest of the hair cut. OK we are in the chair (searching for some entertaining videos) to keep Reuben happy and to finish this hair cut, Reuben bless him sat there and then all of a sudden breaks out in a fit on not having any of it – I’m sure you parents out there can relate to me, when a toddler isn’t having any of it they sure well wont!.

The Hairdresser turning around to me saying she can’t cut around his ears, repeating herself about 10 times over the poor little Reuben who has just about had enough of this scary looking WOMAN! – Don’t worry about behind his ears were done I turn around and say!, then comes the moment I look at Reuben full on in the face and my heart sinks!

‘WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS WOMAN DONE TO MY LITTLE BOYS HAIR’.. that’s all that runs through my head followed by ‘SHIT JOHANNA IS GOING TO KILL ME’ so off we go back to the car, to go and meet/collect Mummy from the doctors, Reuben has no idea and to be honest probably doesn’t even care that his hair has basically been hacked off!

We walk into the doctors hand in hand, I see Johanna through the window waiting in the waiting room, she meets my eye all I can do is give her a quick head nod to warn her what is about to come.

Lets just say that if we was at home she would have let out a little squeal! I look at Johanna and we both must have looked like we could burst into tears any moment.

Conclusion – We keeping telling ourselves it will grow back! We shall never step front into that hairdressers again!

Thankfully Johanna didn’t kill me, the ups and downs of parenthood hey!

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Thankfully it has now started to grow slowly back, but my boy will and always shall be Mr Cutie

L ….