Dear Reuben,

My sweet, innocent, clever and caring little one.

There will be times you will see the world as a horrible place, plastered over the news of bad things happening all over the globe.

I am writing to tell you all is not bad, there’s joy to be had, you will find love and create amazing memories.

There are times when you will struggle, this might be in your education or latter in life with work or love, don’t ever forget I will always be here to support you, comfort you and care for you.

Through your teenage years when they come, me and your Mum might be hard on you, but just remember this is out of love, there is nothing else in this world we love more than you my little pumpkin.

Never lose your spark little one, shine light all over the darkness.

Never forget you are the most amazing little man and will turn out good in this world.

There are so many things you have taught me, you have taught me to be patient – even though I struggle with this the most. You have taught me to be a better man inside and out, you have brought out the joy and happiness in me becoming a father.

You are my little one and always will be.

I love you all the way to the moon and back my little Ru.

Love and always.