I class myself as a avid book reader, ranging from MJ Aldridge, James Patterson and Stephen King.

I enjoy reading thrillers, crime and horror – nice easy reading before bed right!

I have just completed reading “Follow you Home” By Mark Edwards, and I have highly recommended this book/author to my friends and family.

“Follow you Home” follows the story of Daniel and Laura, a couple deeply in love and off on the trip of a lifetime, before settling down and trying for a baby.

You are immediately sucked into their world and attach yourself to the couple on this rollercoaster of a ride.

Daniel and Laura encounter another young couple on a night train on their trip in which turns the holiday of a lifetime into a total nightmare.

Back of home turf Daniel and Laura vow to never speak about the events that happened on that one night!

The book is full of twist and turns and keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat until the very last page!

Mr M. Edwards is the master of physiological thrillers and this one is not be missed.

I can now confidently say I shall never venture into any woods alone or in the dark!

Previous highly recommended books from Mr Mark Edwards are:

The Magpies

And the next one on my list to read “The Devils Work”

Review to be posted.
So at work today casually serving customers as I do, guess who walks in through the door, the one and only Mark Edwards. I was in a bit of shock asking if he was the Mark Edwards that writes books!

Thank you for speaking to me and giving me your business card, I hope we can collab together in the near future on my blog if that would be of interest to yourself.

But a huge thank you for your work, you make Daddy quiet time enjoyable by immersing myself into your books and letting my mind rest from the sometimes parenting stress.