I love my Wife with everything I have! She is the mother to my child and a great baby making machine :P! There is nothing more I want in this world, but to see her smile, laugh, love and be happy. I think every man out there can agree that pregnancy can take it out on women in more ways than one. Whether it will be the weight gain getting them down, the overall tiredness of making a baby, the constant nausea in the first trimester. Being pregnant can suck, but there is a reason that women grow the babies, us men have to admit it they are the stronger sex!

But with pregnancy comes the Hormones and my wife turns into Hormonal Hettie!!

Let’s take it back to basics – The main pregnancy hormones include. 

 FSH: Follicle stimulating hormone is the first in a cascade of hormones that’s necessary to launch your pregnancy and is present before you even conceive.

LH: Luteinizing hormone works in concert with FSH to orchestrate your menstrual cycle. Both FSH and LH are inactive during pregnancy itself.

hCG: Once egg meets sperm, human chorionic gonadotropin steps in to amp up the production of estrogen and progesterone. It also suppresses your immune system to support your growing baby.

Estrogen: Stimulated first by hCG and later by the placenta, estrogen helps the uterus grow, regulates the production of other key hormones, and triggers the development of baby’s organs, among other functions.

Progesterone: Similarly to estrogen, this pregnancy hormone is first triggered by hCG and later the placenta. Among its many other purposes, progesterone encourages breast tissue growth and later helps soften ligaments and cartilage to prepare you for labor.

Relaxin: This hormone is known mostly for relaxing your muscles, bones, ligaments and joints later in pregnancy in preparation for labor.

Placental growth factor: By promoting blood vessel growth, this hormone supports the increased blood volume necessary to nourish your baby.

HPL: Human placental lactogen prepares your breasts to breastfeed. Along with placental growth factor, it’s produced by the placenta to adjust your body’s metabolism to feed your baby. In some women, HPL and placental growth factor are thought to block insulin, resulting in gestational diabetes.

Oxytocin: Though it’s present throughout your pregnancy, this muscle-contracting hormone is mostly known for stimulating labor contractions.

Prolactin: This hormone causes your breasts to increase in size and eventually produce milk.

What to Expect – Website used.

With all this going on, no wonder Hormonal Hettie make a dramatic entrance into everyday life. 

To put it simple Hormones are fucking arseholes! 


Let’s give some examples when hormones take charge!

  1. My wife and I were having a chilled morning with Little R watching this morning (thrilling), when the fashion clip comes on with Gok Wan – they are discussing Kate Middleton’s wardrobe on their Canada tour. So the model comes out with a little girl and little boy – bam Hormonal Hettie’s comes out in my wife and she is sitting there crying and she doesn’t even know why she is crying for. There is only one thing I can do and that is laugh my head of at her. (Laughing does not earn you any brownie points at all). 
  2. Getting into bed! – well if I even dare lie or roll over near the middle of the bed Hormonal Hettie’s rears her head and has something to say about that. 
  3. Breathing! – Hormonal Hettie hates it if she feels any breathe what so ever, (note to myself don’t eat as much Garlic Bread with your spaghetti it doesn’t help.) 
  4. Food! – Hormonal Hettie’s fancies this for dinner, so after making the dinner Hormonal Hettie’s decides it’s nice but secretly she doesn’t want it after all. 

How to keep Hormonal Hettie’s at bay!

Start the day as relaxing as possible. A cup of tea and toast as soon as the wife wakes helps her keep Hettie away for a couple of hours. 

I am a firm believer in a Happy Wife makes a Happy Life! I am more than happy with my life and more than happy with my wife :), I understand that pregnancy hormones are a real pain in the backside, so I shall do anything in my power to help my wife get through these last 5 weeks!

Another top tip to living with Hormonal Hettie – Just remember its not forever. (What do we think about baby number 3? time will tell if I can survive with Hormonal Hettie for the next few weeks). 

Us men out there will never know what it is like to have these raging hormones take over our bodies and explode here there and everywhere, but we can make it easier for our partners/wife’s/best friends etc. Just lend a helping hand, try not to laugh when the crying episode takes over. Don’t fight back when they get into a HANGRY saga. Like I said its not forever we just need to ride it out to the calm waters.

Until next time (Unless Hettie Gets me before hand).