In all toddler/children books and tabliods it tell us as parents not to negotiate with our children, but as parents how can we cope without negotiating? Now don’t get me wrong there are times where negotiation does not happen between me or my wife and little R, but at other times negotiation is helpful to keep the peace!

There are parents out there that have the zero negotiation rule, I commend you, but ultimately this doesn’t work for everyone, and becoming a parent is hard and stressful as it is, so if a little negotiation produces less stress then why the hell not!

A few examples of negotiation that happen in my household with Little R are usually one of these:

Daddy is going to hoover first and if you wait patientatly you can have a go! 

If you eat one more mouth full, you can have a nice pudding – which Little R usually shouts EGG! (Kinder Surpise) 

If your a good boy at the shops we can get you a treat! 

I am sure that all parents have used one or more of the phrases that ascoiate with negotiation. Usually people that write the tabloids don’t even have children so who are they to judge and offer advise on how to parent?!

I do however, fully agree that no negotiation should be used when toddler/child is having a tantrum for not getting there own way. But on the other side if it makes it less stressful then who am I to judge?

What are your thoughts on negotiation?

L …

p.s it’s date night tonight – Cinema to see Girl on the train! 🤓 – I’m sure a review will be posted.