Dads/Mums parents as a whole will understand the term Date Night and what is really means.

Date Night is exactly what it is called, a night you go on a date! But to us parents out there is a night to enjoy each other’s company without, your little ones taking up your concentration on your beloved other.

We all love our children, but we all love our other halves as well. Relationships and marriage come under stress and challenging events when you go from a couple to a Family.

You argue more, apologize to each other more and always try and act as a team for the benefit of your children. I am perfectly happy in my marriage and wouldn’t change it for the world.

There are people out there that might not want to leave their baby/child/children with a baby sitter, or family to take a night off and enjoy the company of your other half. I can fully understand you. When our Little R was born I had booked tickets to go and see Lady Gaga, the tour landed on the week that R turned 7/8 weeks, after discussing the outing my wife decided that she wasn’t prepared to leave our little one. I supported her decision but couldn’t miss out on Gaga so took my best friend along with me.
A couple of weeks after the tour my wife was ready to take the step of Date Night, we went for a lovely Italian meal and enjoyed our first alcoholic drink together – Bliss!

Date Night doesn’t need to be a whole night, you could just go on a walk in the middle of the day if you are more comfortable with that idea, you could catch a film you both enjoy and then go straight home.

It’s important as parents to just take them nights/couple of hours to yourselves, there’s only so many times we can watch Peppa pig, run around the house pretending we are pirates or super heroes, before adult company doesn’t seem to enter the equation.

Enjoy each other, rejoice in the love that brought you two together.

Me and my wife ventured out on a long awaited date night last Wednesday 5th October 2016, to go and see The Girl On The Train.


After reading the book, and it coming one of my all time favorites, I was excited to see it brought to the big screen and wanted my wife to enjoy it also. Unfortunately this was anything but enjoyable! I don’t think I have ever been so disappointed in a film before, Emily Blunt played Rachel amazing that was about the only good thing in the film.

The whole story line didn’t flow as the book did, and the ending! My god. I can remember in the book I was reading the final pages like I had taken a whole lot of speed! because it sucked me in so much!

The ending in the film was rushed and poor! After the film had finished and about 90% of the people in the cinema muttered well that was ‘DISAPPOINTING’, we ventured home and my wife turns around to me and says, I was going to ask you if we could leave half way through. If I was a film director and film that I produced made people want to leave half way through, well you have failed!

If you want to go and watch The Girl On The Train, my advice don’t! what until, it comes onto Sky Movies or available to rent from ITunes. Don’t waste your hard earned money! Go and buy the book and read it, its 200% better.

As always cheers for reading! If you saw The Girl On The Train or read it What do you think about it?