With Little R now 2 and a bit, he is slowly understanding the seasons festivities. Including Halloween 🎃!

Our plan for this Halloween is to carve our Pumpkin Family, I am not the best pumpkin carver by far, but shall do my best to carve a Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, with Little R getting firm favorites from TV cartoons we have extra pressure to get these looking great!

Our Little Pumpkin Family.

We ended up getting 4 Pumpkins, One for Daddy Pumpkin, Mummy Pumpkin, Ru Pumpkin & Baby Pumpkin.

R and his Pumpkin Friend.

I don’t think Little R will take it lightly when we take the Knife to his little Pumpkin pal. I have found Multiple Templates on the carvings we would like to do, the Internet is a great place to make our life as parents much easier than having to hand draw the designs and then risk the mistake of going horribly wrong!

2015 Designs
2015 Designs

Our first Halloween with Little R, was a success the template’s didn’t fail us and the designs looked OK! I think Me and the Mummy get a little bit more excited with Halloween than Little R. Check out the templates we might use below, if you would like to use one of the templates feel free to do so, just print the template stick to your pumpkin, use a cocktail stick to poke little holes where you need to cut, and then get carving.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Template

Peppa pig Pumpkin Template by – Singlemummyonline

I’m sure that the carving session will be more messy but way more fun than last year, when you have little ones you think in the back of your head when they get a bit older you can do this and that. Time flies way too quickly and now with Little R getting bigger and much more independent you think in the back of your head slow down stay little forever.

Next up after Halloween is the new baby addition to our family and then Christmas is on the cards, we have already placed an order for Elf On The Shelf, so we have some exciting things lined up, we have also purchased around 50 books for Little R to have a book advent calendar, we plan to wrap 24 books up and let Little R unwrap one each night for the run up to Christmas 🎄.

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Thanks for popping over and giving this a read, enjoy your pumpkin carvings with your little ones.

Until next time L..