There’s nothing more pleasing than a Monday when The Walking Dead returns!

AMC Presents The Walking Dead


Now on it’s seventh season, The Walking Dead is a firm favourite in our household. Season 6 ended with the survivors group being captured by a group lead by Negan, Negan carries around a baseball bat covered in barbed wire and her name is Lucille.

Negan is describe to being the most evil character that The Walking Dead will encounter, I am sure that we will not be let down by this character.


The previous arch enemy threatening Ricks group was The Governor, the man with the one eye patch, If you haven’t watched an episode of The Walking Dead I won’t give any spoilers away.

All I can say is watch it, I promise you. You will not regret getting totally hooked and screaming for more. 

The Governor

The Governor promises the good life and all seems well until strange things start to happen, and the group discovers what the real Governor is up to in his town the Wiltshire Estates.

The concept of the Walking Dead, is all about the zombie apocalypse. With series 7 now launching I hope that the producers don’t go gimmicky as over Movies/Shows have done so. The show has got a huge fan base for being much more deeper than lets go and kill loads of zombies story line.

The producers are brutal with the character kill offs, with a season always killing off one of the main characters.

Now that the group is in the hands of Negan, every bodies question is who is going to get the chop, well it wont be a chop more like a bashing.

In the walking dead comics, which the show is based on Glen, is the one that gets the brutal end from Lucille, but will they bash off one of the most beloved characters.

Glen, Maggie, Rick, Carol, Michonne, Daryl are the most beloved, Rick not so much there is only so much we can take of his controlling demeanor, but when it comes to protecting his family and group his can bring out some bad ass!

Is anyone else excited for the season 7 premiere! The wife who has now turned 38 weeks pregnant has warned me this morning that she wont be watching the first 15 minutes of the shows premiere, but shall watch after the killing has happened. So that’s me watching then pausing to give the all clear.

If you have already seen the premiere please don’t give anything away, the internet becomes my personal enemy when the show aired last night in America, I am trying my best to not find out who it is.

Thanks for popping over and giving this a read.

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